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First Data Mobile Payments Solution:


Go Beyond: First Data Mobile PaySM

In your business, the point of sale is an ever-moving destination. Wherever your customers are, that’s where you need to be-– which means you need a payment solution that’s as mobile as you are. However, your transaction volume might not justify the expense of purchasing a mobile payment terminal, leaving you in the position of handling credit card information in an inefficient and unsafe manner, such as by writing numbers down to call in later. As an alternative, you may be accepting checks on faith, exposing you to the possibility of loss.

The Solution

With the First Data Mobile PaySM solution, you can offer fast, safe and flexible payment processing anywhere you go by using your existing smart phone.

Benefits of the First Data Mobile PaySM Solution

* Maximize your mobile phone investment by turning it into a payment terminal

* Accept payments in real time from almost anywhere

* Reduce your processing fees – pay lower card-present rates with the First Data Mobile Pay app and encrypting card reader, which allows you to physically swipe credit cards rather than keying them in 

* Grant transaction capability to up to five users with the browser-based version

* Help your customers choose the payment method they prefer while keeping their credit card information safe

* Convey a cutting-edge, professional image to your customers


* Compatible with Android, BlackBerry and iPhone*

* Secure login with username and password

* Easy-to-use interface requires minimal training

* Support for all major credit card types

* Real-time mobile processing

* Fraud prevention tools

* SSL encryption technology

* Real-time reporting capabilities

* Account manager to add or remove users (browser only, ask your service manager for details)

* E-receipt delivered to customer’s e-mail at the time of the transaction

* 24/7 customer support


First Data Global Gateway Solution


Global Gateway e4

Whether you are just starting a new business, looking for a more PCI compliant website solution or wanting to seamlessly integrate payment processing to your website, the Global Gateway e4 solution makes it easy to accept a wide range of payments and manage your payment transactions anytime, anywhere. A highly intuitive web-based interface and simple API’s allow you to remove the complexity of accepting card-not-present payments quickly and easily, keeping your focus on operating and growing your business.

First Data Advantages

The Global Gateway e4 offers advanced payment functionality built for any size merchant through flexible integration and flexible set-up options. The First Data payment gateway solution is backed by an extensive set of online support tools as well as a dedicated support team available to answer questions whenever they arise.

Easily Integrated Technology

* Simple API’s and web-based interfaces to meet nearly any level of programming skill

* Extensive payment options and feature set accessible through a single interface

* Broad range of shopping cart compatibilities 

Simple and Safe Online Shopping Experience

* Secure and compliant payment gateway with redundant infrastructure and 24/7 availability

Reliability and Scalability to Meet Growth Needs

* Dependable processing capabilities to speed transactions and improve the flow of funds

* Advanced technology and processing capabilities available to meet the demands of business growth

Advanced Reporting

* Dynamic reporting capabilities to create and manipulate transaction reports to better analyze and understand payment activity

* Vast array of search capabilities to locate any type of transaction with little background information

Dedicated Support

* Comprehensive integration guides, user instruction, online support tools, and self-service test environment to simplify every step from integration to reporting and analytics

* Direct, 24/7 access to a dedicated merchant support team to expedite resolution with issues.