Why Premier

Premier Payment Resources creates long-term relationships with clients through 1.) a straightforward pricing model for every client, and 2.) a strong committment to personal service and industry expertise. 

Every client has the right to know every fee-- which fees originate from Visa/MC/Discover/Amex, and which fees come from the ISO or Processor. Premier prices nearly every client with the True Cost-Plus pricing strucuture, which fully discloses the processing percentage and authorization fee charged above True Cost. 

Premier Payment Resources has immediate access to each client's servicing information at all times, allowing Premier to be incredibly responsive to information and service needs through a personal relationship. As further evidence of our commitment to Integrity: 

  • We will not lease credit card processing equipment to any client for any reason. This practice is never in the client's best interest. 
  • We pass-through the full Debit Legislation savings for all Cost-Plus clients.