Premier Service

Personal Support with Critical Issues

Service Managers who know you and your business

Expertise from one person-from the sale to the last transaction


Dedicated, personal industry service is critical to every business today, and the level of this service also carries with it major financial repercussions-- good or bad-- for business owners. Often, the ultimate party that assists with PCI Compliance validation, IRS Section 6050W requirements, disputes, terminal issues, and ongoing service is a disinterested party through an 800 number. At Premier, the person who is responsible for assisting with all ongoing service is always the same person who helped begin the processing relationship, making service personal and responsive.

No Premier client has ever been transferred to a different service division after the intial sale-- to a person they do not know and who knows nothing about their business. Although it is the merchant's sole responsibility to complete many industry mandates and requirements, we are dedicated to giving our time and effort to ease the burden of the tasks associated with payment processing today.

Benefits to having a Single-Point-of-Contact Service Manager

  • Each client's service manager is the same as their sales person, providing clients with personalized service that is mindful of specific business needs.  
  • In addition to 24 hour tech support and voice approval numbers, all Premier clients have the cell phone number of their service manager. 
  • Premier service managers have full control over their client's service changes and updates, allowing Premier to save valuable time when critial service is needed. 
  • As the person who formed the processing relationship with the client, Premier service managers are most incentivized to assist quickly with service issues.   

Premier Payment Resources’ goal as a company is to be at the forefront of every industry change and enhancement that could affect our clients in any way. This includes fraud control, PCI Compliance issues, chargeback prevention safeguarding all merchant and cardholder information. Personal service and attention to client accounts is truly worth tangiable dollars to every business, and many processing companies do not provide service in the same way. 

We look forward to earning your business through best pricing, innovative technology, platform reliability, and genuine dedication to service.