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Merchant Tools

Premier Payment Resources' goal as a company is to be at the forefront of every industry enhancement that could benefit our clients in any way. We are dedicated to providing the latest technology in POS systems, gateways, recurring payment solutions, wireless payments, and more. 

We also want to provide resources and personal assistance with many industry mandates and requirements. Please see the below links for additional information: 

Merchant Tools and Resources

In addition to our 24-hour help desk, you will also have access to our personal cell phones. Our service orientation means that we are extremely accessible, very responsive, and proactive. Often, when merchants sign up with a processing company, the ultimate party that assists with their PCI Compliance validation, IRS section 6050W requirements, chargebacks, and ongoing service is an 800 call center. The personal service and attention to your account is truly invaluable, and many processing companies do not provide this level of service and expertise.

We look forward to earning your business through the best pricing, innovative technology, platform reliability, and impeccable attention to service.