Our Clients

From all of us at Premier Payment Resources, "THANK YOU". We know that the only reason for our existence today was your initial desicion to let us gain your trust. Your compliments and referrals mean a great deal to us, and we are committed to earning your long term business through integrity and service. 

  • It is our pleasure to provide you with a testimonial letter regarding your service to our Texas T-Bones Steakhouses over the past few years. We have been very happy with your level of service, prompt attention to our needs, and we feel your pricing is very competitive. We prefer to do business with local companies when all things are equal; you have showed us that your company exceeds in all areas.

    Dave X

  • We have been extremely satisfied with your service. The costumer service that they provide is outstanding; as well as their very competitive pricing. I always recommend Premier Payment Resources to all my clients. You will not find a better credit card company that’s going to treat you better! They really care about you and your business.

    Karen W

  • In the 40 years I have managed Criterium Bicycles in Colorado Springs, I have fielded at least two requests per month for credit card processing services.  Since we signed with Nader, only one other processor has even come close to his low rates.  More importantly, Nader will answer the phone within minutes of a perceived problem and make it go away.    No one else does that.  Just hang up on those other folks.

    Kay L

  • Based on reliability, the whole credit card processing system has been pretty bullet proof for me over the years, yet there have been several times that I have needed extra service. I have a temporary seasonal store that has to be set up for credit card payment just two months each year.  I have changed phone companies that changed my IP address and thus changed my PCI compliance status and needed lots of help getting current.  I have upgraded to faster credit card machines.  All of these incidences required help and with Premier Payment Resources I just about always get Nader personally, in body, in the store, the same day.  Not a return phone a call a while later, not an answering machine.  That day.  His service has been over the top.

    I signed up with Nader years ago not knowing about any of this extra service because he explained to me how his company could actually save me monthly fees and then delivered.  The service has just been icing on a very good cake.

    Stephen M