PCI Compliance Assistance

PCI Compliance Steps

PCI Rapid Comply will help you through the process of completing the Visa/MC/Disc/Amex/JCB mandated security requirements and protecting your business' card information. Although it is the merchant's sole responsibility to becoming PCI Compliant, these steps may assist you through the process:

Go to Enter your merchant number as the initial username and password, and then reset your password.  The system will ask you a few questions to see how you process cards at your business, and will then direct you to the correct Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Some of the questions are technical if you are using IP (or Voice-Over-IP) to process cards. You may want to have your tech or IT person on the line with you for this step, or you can write down the questions (be sure to click the save button), find the answers in your own time, and then return and complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire. The Associations have required that this questionnaire be completed yearly.

If you are not an analog dial-up merchant and you process cards over the Internet (or you process cards through a Voice-Over-IP phone line), the system will need your IP address to schedule an external scan on your system and look for vulnerabilities. Your IP address will appear on the scanning page once you click “Add an IP Address”. If you choose this listed IP address, be sure you are on a computer that uses the same IP address as your POS device. If this is not the case, the IP address will be incorrect. This scan is part of the compliance mandate and WILL NOT interfere with your internal network configuration. This scan is required quarterly and the next scan should run automatically after the first scan is initiated.

If you are using an analog dial-up phone line to process cards, you will not need to complete this step.

For reference, the PCI Rapid Comply help desk phone number is: 855.532.4891. Once you have completed both steps, you will be certified as PCI Compliant and will be up to date with this Card Association mandate. This mandate affects all merchants, and those that are PCI Compliant can experience greater leniency with regard to fines from the Card Associations in the event of a security breach. 
The cost to administrate the PCI program is covered on the original signed pricing schedule, and there are NO additional fees from PCI Rapid Comply for this service, including unlimited re-scans if you are using IP to process cards and your IP scan fails.

Please contact us at any time if we can help!